Lets just get it out of the way and agree that school is tough. Staying healthy while in school is even tougher. My Optimum Nutrition is designed for guys who value the saying, “Work Hard, Play Hard,” and wish to improve themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically while balancing the stresses of school and work. I believe nutrition doesn’t end with the food you consume, but is an accumulation of physical, social, emotional, and mental health. Let this be your one stop blog to not only eating well, but living your “Optimum Life.”


What’s up guys! My name is Aidan and I am currently a college student studying Nutrition/ Dietetics and Journalism. If I’m being honest, school hasn’t been the easiest for me, but what’s harder than studying is finding the time to eat right and exercise. I’ll admit, it’s a pain in the butt to find healthy places on campus to eat or plan ahead and pack some snack to make sure you’re hitting your macros, BUT I GOT YOU — I will do my best to provide beneficial advice based on my experiences and maybe help some of my struggling, like-minded guys out there!

Like pretty much every guy in America, I played sports in high school (specifically soccer) so I was relatively fit and carelessly ate whatever I wanted without putting on weight (the blessings of a high metabolism), but I didn’t really get into watching what I ate till college. I was tired of being the tall, lanky, string-bean kid — I wanted to fill out and put some real muscle mass on. Because of this, I wanted to communicate my passion for fitness and nutrition, so here I am writing this blog for y’all! 

So this is for all those guys out there who want to get their life together and see improvements in their overall health. Use my blog to guide, motivate, and discover the you that you’ve wanted to be and see. 


Black Gold

My name is Aidan, and I’m addicted to coffee. I’ll be the first to admit that I may or may not have problem. Coffee wasn’t always prominent in my life growing up. My parents never really drank the stuff but when I was around 14, I was told by my Italian uncle that black coffee …

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Feel free to contact me for advice or questions! I would love feedback about my content and of course to answer any concerns you guys have about staying healthy in college!